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What Our Patient Say

This was one of the best chiropractic experiences I’ve ever had. I was suffering from severe headaches for months. I had read online that Dr. Adams specialized in headaches/migraines. I’m so thankful I chose to go here. No more taking medication every day for my headaches. I’m back to my normal life Free from Pain! Dr. Cole Adams truly gave me back my life with out pain! Thank you so much! - Marla M.

I've been seeing Dr. Cole Adams here for 3 weeks now. I went in for chronic back pain from bilateral pars in my L5. He was very thorough from day one about expectations, very upfront and honest. While at my consult he also mentioned they treat headaches/migraines, so I gave it ago. I went from weekly headaches to virtually none! I am also finally starting to see improvement in my back. The whole team is just amazing, and I won't go anywhere else! - Aly L.

I first came to Dr Cole with a minor neck injury from snowboarding. I was having more headaches then usual and was having lots of discomfort. Dr Cole was very attentive, professional and knowledgeable. After only a few visits my neck discomfort is gone and my headaches are non existent! He also worked on getting my hips/low back discomfort under control and he did just that! I must say this is the best that my lower back/hips have felt in a few years! Dr Cole is amazing and so is his staff. I HIGHLY RECOMMEND!! - Samantha C.

I have struggled with migraines for 15 years. Regardless of healthy sleep, exercise, and diet *consistent* chiropractic care is the only thing that brings me relief. I have been going to Adams Chiropractic since I was a child and still forget the power of regular treatment, which for me has helped with fertility, more comfortable pregnancies/recoveries, migraine relief, and has resolved many pinched nerves. Adams Chiropractic has always given me wonderful, professional and compassionate care and I always look forward to walking through the door! - Mickey M.

I have a history of spinal fusion; two 18" rods, bolted to my spine; since I was 11 years old. Dr. Cole Adams is the first chiropractor, let alone Dr., to look at my situation & not only tell me he can help, but be excited for the opportunity. I have been in pain for so long; I had forgotten what it felt like to take a full breath. With only a few visits so far, I have a fuller life than I ever thought possible; I am SO grateful. On top of the pain relief, they work with my schedule, & don't try to bully me into 3 times a week for the rest of my life. It is clear to me, they actually care. I couldn't recommend them more highly. If you've given up on feeling better like I had. Please give it one last shot, and call them. - Harmony S.

Dr. Adams is always straight forward with his assessment and keeps me on the right track. He has helped immensely and I am happy to now be a strictly 'maintenance' visitor! - Daniel M.

Great professional staff and doctors. Cole has helped me more than I can say.I recommend Adams Chiropractic highly. If i could give them 10 stars I would. - Eldon J.

My husband was suffering with serious back pain and went to see Dr. Adam's we are beyond pleased with the results and how well he treats his patients! We are on our second visit and plan on coming once a week! Thank you so much. - Kristen S.