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Testimonials From Our Patients

I had frequent headaches and back pain after a car accident earlier this year. I couldn't concentrate at work and couldn't exercise because the pain was an 8/10 but I no longer have the pain or headaches!


My shoulders and lower back ached and was painful, which led me to stop working, but with regular office visits with Dr. Adams I was able to learn better sleep patterns and returned back to work until I retire.


My newborn son wouldn't sleep through the night and I was on the edge of a breakdown from lack of sleep. We tried to change my diet, put him on formula and medications, but nothing helped. After my son had his first adjustment he was sleeping better through the night and I am getting more sleep allowing me to have a better attitude with my other kids and family.


I had continual lower back pain from an injury that occurred at work that persisted for about 2 years. With chiropractic and massage therapy treatment my pain that exceeded the scale from 1-10 was greatly reduced. Now, I have very minimal pain and fewer headaches and when these symptoms subside I will continue my wellness visits once a month or as needed.


After my car accident I was nauseated and had headaches. It was painful to walk, lie in bed, drive my car and wash dishes. The pain was a 20, on a scale of 1-10. Chiropractic care helped reduce the depressing pain.


I have had back and neck pain that reduced my ability to perform daily activities. With regular office visits, every two weeks I have been able to make my life easier and perform my daily tasks.


I have been a patient of Dr. Kurt Adams since he opened his clinic. A few years ago my pain in my back was up to a 9 on a scale of 1-10. Now, it's a 1-3 with moderation and conservative chiropractic care. The wellness plan I follow includes an adjustment once every 3-4 weeks and walking 2 ½ miles 3 times a week.


At times I had neck and head pain that would surge to a 20 on a scale of 1-10. It made it hard to concentrate on work, read for pleasure and the pain interfered with my ballroom and swing dancing. Chiropractic care has shortened the treatment time for my now rare colds, sinus pain, and I am on the dance floor at least once per week and try for twice a week. My usual treatment schedule is once every 5-6 weeks.


Each patient granted us permission to post a testimonial paraphrased from a questionaire filled out by the patient.

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