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Patients come to Adams Chiropractic with effects. It's the chiropractor's job to identify the cause of that effect and then remove the cause of the issue.

Neuropathy is an impingement of a nerve as it exits the spine at the nerve root. It is our job to identify where this interference comes from and then remove the interference by improving mechanics of the spine where the nerve exits. X-rays are essential in ruling other causes of these symptoms out and establishing a safe course of care.

Neuropathies like sciatica which involve symptoms running down the leg, are usually due to neuromechanical interference/impingement in the lower back and tailbone. When improved mechanics of the lower back and tailbone are restored, we'll often see an improvement in nerve function back in to the leg.

Sometimes when the neuropathy involves these sensations shooting down in to the arm/fingertips, it can be traced back to an impingement of the nerve root in the neck. When improved mechanics are restored to the base of the neck where these nerves exit the spine, improved nerve function in to the arm is experienced.

The neuromechanical relationship between the vertebrae and the nerves that exit the spine is the foundation to how chiropractic care can help.