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Lower Back Pain

A mechanical problem in the lower back requires a mechanical solution. At Adams Chiropractic, we simplify the mechanics of the lower back in to two components: structural and muscular.

Structurally, we’re talking about the bones and the joints of the lower back(we’ll also include the discs and nerves here as well). Foundationally, the pelvis and tailbone often play a sneaky role in lower back issues. Our protocol will cover these to make sure things are as structurally conducive to you meeting your goals whether that be getting through work without pain, sleeping comfortably, or achieving activities of your daily life without problems.

From a muscular component, we have a fantastic massage therapy staff on site that can directly address the muscular component to your mechanical problem. We will likely cover a few simple stretches to make sure that you have some control over how quickly and how successfully your goals are met.